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Left Coast Troops Invade Iowa and New Hampshire -
January 20, 2004

By James L. Hirsen, J.D., Ph.D.
contributor to

Celebrity endorsements currently seem to be reflecting the split in the Democrat Party.

Up until now, the front-runner in garnering Tinseltown support has been Howard Dean.

Starting with an early endorsement from Rob Reiner, the former Vermont guv has managed to reel in several more, including ones from Martin Sheen, Susan Sarandon, Michael Douglas, Paul Newman, Mary Steenburgen, Ted Danson, Mel Brooks, Carl Reiner, Whoopi Goldberg and Robin Williams.

Rob Reiner, Janeane Garofalo, Joan Jett and Sheen were actually spotted in Iowa, firing up the Dean devotees.

On the New Hampshire front, Wesley Clark, the candidate who not so long ago said that Bush "should be proud" of sticking to the policy to wage war in Iraq, has been spending time vogue-ing with Madonna.

And in a letter, deceitful dude Michael Moore explained to his ultra-liberal cult following the reasons he's supporting Clark. "I have met Clark and spoken to him on a number of occasions," Moore wrote. "I have found him to be the real deal, someone whom I'm convinced all of you would like, both as a person and as the individual leading this country. He is an honest, decent, honorable man who would be a breath of fresh air in the White House."

Moore also pointed out some of Clark's positions that he finds delightful, such as his opposition to the war in Iraq, his support of mandatory racial preferences and his stance on socialized medicine.

Additional celebs who are stumping for Clark include Alan Alda and Christopher Guest.

John Kerry has apparently captured the political hearts of Jamie Lee Curtis, Kathleen Turner, Dennis Hopper, Aaron Sorkin, Moby, James Taylor, Bradley Whitford, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael J. Fox, Penny Marshall, Peter Yarrow, Kenny 'Babyface' Edmunds, Quincy Jones, Carole King and Uma Thurman.

Barry Manilow, Courtney Cox Arquette and Chevy Chase are in the Dick Gephardt fold.

In addition to Ben Affleck, Deepak Chopra, Ed Begley Jr., Casey Kasem, Ed Asner, Linda Blair, Jerry Springer, Jeff Bridges, Elliott Gould, James Cromwell, Willie Nelson and Bonnie Raitt, Dennis Kucinich has the backing of Castro lover Danny Glover.

John Edwards has attracted Glenn Close, Ashton Kutcher, Glenn Frey, Ali McGraw, Hootie and the Blowfish too.

I suspect that Joe Lieberman may be paying a price for pointing out the virtue void in Tinseltown, because Hollywood seems to be saying no go to Joe.

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